Our Business

Detention Equipment Specialties, Inc. (DES) has established itself as one of the leading detention equipment installers in the United States. Established in 2003, DES specializes in the highest quality installation of institutional detention equipment and materials for the jail and prison industries at the federal, state, county, private and local levels.

Our goal is to provide installation construction services that surpasses expectations of our clients and business partners alike. We rely on 24 years of experience to ensure that our customers benefit from efficient, innovative and superior quality. We install only the highest quality materials, plan our jobs with meticulous review and adherence to every specification, and provide expert installation. DES is committed to quality, innovation, efficiency and integrity.

Our customers, Our Partners

DES works closely with architects, general contractors, and other detention equipment contractors, as well as local, state, and federal municipalities. Our primary client partners are Detention Equipment Contractors that bid for the construction, renovation, maintenance, and operation of prisons, jails, and other confinement facilities. Some of our work is also done for private companies that need specialized installation for fast-track projects.